Game 3 Chase The Fez Week 19

Thursday May 09, 2024 to Wednesday May 15, 2024
05:30 pm to 07:00 pm
802 S Main St, Aberdeen, SD 57401, USA (View Map)

Please complete payment within 8:00 minutes.
After 8:00 minutes, the booking session will expire!

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Yelduz Shrine

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Didn't Receive Your ticket?

When buying online please remember: 

  • If you buy an online ticket you do not have to be present to win but you must remember to select your card number at check out in case your number is drawn. There is a service fee for all online purchases. 
  • Online purchases will available from the end of the previous week's game until around 5:30 of the current week's game  
  • You can watch the drawing live on the Yelduz Facebook page each week 
  • If you would like to know your specific ticket number you can call the Shrine Center at 605-225-4841 from 9am -4pm on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. 

Game Summary

- Each Wednesday you’re invited in to play the chase the Fez game. You can buy as many chances as you
want each night. When the buying period ends we will draw a ticket out of everything that has been
sold that night. If the person has the matching ticket they have a chance to come draw a card off of the
board. There will be 4 Fez cards on the board. If you draw either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Fez card your
information will be taken down and set aside. When the 4th Fez card is drawn the game will end. The
first 3 Fez cards drawn will EACH receive 10% of the TOTAL pot. The 4th Fez drawn out will receive 30%
of the TOTAL pot. If you get a chance to draw a card and it is not a Fez card you will get 10% of that
WEEK’S pot.

Game Rules / Details

The game will be played each Wednesday night.
- Doors open at 5:30
- Ticket buying ends at 6:45
- We will draw the winner at 7:00
- Only 1 winner will be drawn each night

- You can buy as many tickets as you would like.

* Tickets are $2 a piece OR
* $20 will get you 15 tickets
* $40 will get you 35 tickets
* $100 will get you 100 tickets

Tickets will be double tickets so all the players have to do is watch the numbers

- There will be a guaranteed pot of $3,000 and grow from there.
- We will draw a ticket out of the bucket at 7:00, whoever has the winning ticket get to choose a card
- The game continues until all 4 Fez cards are drawn.

Legal Stuff

- Winners will receive a 10-99
- Must we 21 to buy, claim, or draw a ticket or card
- All proceeds are to benefit the Yelduz Shriners and are not deductible as taxable donations