Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased on event organizer’s website, social media streams, Wholly Ticket landing pages and Wholly Ticket website.

How will I receive my tickets?

Tickets purchased online or mobile devices will receive an email with the tickets attached. There will also be a link on the receipt that has them there too. Event will also have a “will call” list at the door.

Can I get a refund?

Please check with the event organizer. Usually tickets are nonrefundable however, the event organizer can give you more information on their refund policy.

Will Wholly Ticket share my information with anyone else?

NO! The only thing we will do is notify you of an upcoming event.

What is the Wholly Ticket System Fee?

The System Fee is a fee that we charge in ensure your tickets get delivered and the unique QR code is able to be scanned by the event organizer to ensure its authenticity. This fee varies and is based on the ticket price. They range from $1.00 to $9.00

How can I contact the event organizer?

Visit the organizer’s website or call Wholly Ticket @ 843-242-3100 and we can help you.

How can I contact Wholly Ticket?

That number is 843-242-3100 or email info@whollyticket.com

Can I share my purchase on social media?

Yes, after you have finished the checkout process you can select what social media to share it on. Just simply log in and share your purchase.

How can I use Wholly Ticket for an event of mine?

It’s simple. Contact us @ 843-242-3100 or visit http://whollyticket.com/user/signup.php

Can I refer events to Wholly Ticket and get paid?

-YES! Get in the action with our partners program.Get paid a standard commission or simply allow us to share the System Fees with you!Call us for more details.

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