Charleston Tip Jar

Wednesday March 18, 2020 to Thursday December 31, 2020
Charleston, SC, USA (View Map)

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Charleston Tip Jar

During this unprecedented crisis, restaurants and bars in Charleston really need your help!

As the lockdown continues, our favorite establishments are struggling to stay afloat. Charleston Tip Jar is a way for us to pull together and help support these establishments until they can serve us again in the future.

By purchasing an E-Card, you will help your favorite places bridge the gap while they’re closed or only partially open. If you’re looking forward to the day you can meet your friends for dinner or happy hour at one of your go-to spots, support that spot now. And you will have a gift card to use once this whole mess is over. That will be an epic celebration!

Note:  These e-cards are intended to be used in the future when the business reopens under normal business conditions. 

Here's how it works:

1. Purchase an E-Card (additional donations accepted at checkout)

2. At checkout, please list the business you are purchasing the gift card for.

3. Wholly Ticket will send you an email confirmation of this purchase.

4. Keep this ticket and present it to the business next time you’re there and they will exchange it for a gift card in the amount you purchased. We will also send each business a report of who purchased e-cards and for how much.

5. Use it when the business is able to reopen.

What do we get?  Great question! Wholly Ticket will retain the surcharge on the sale in order to support the development and maintenance of this platform. 100% of the value of the E-Card will go to the business you supported. You'll know this because the exchanged gift card will be loaded with the amount you purchased. The business will get a full reporting of all supporters and the amount purchased by each supporter. 

If you have any questions (Business or Patron), please feel free to call 843.242-3100 / 843.670.5053 (cell) or email @


About Wholly Event / Wholly Ticket

Wholly Event is a Charleston-based event promotion company owned by Charleston native Steve Carroll and partner Mike Werner. 

Steve has worked in, owned and consulted with Charleston restaurants for decades. As the former president of the Charleston Restaurant Association, he is deeply ingrained in the restaurant community and acutely aware of their needs and challenges. Mike Werner is the owner of Charleston’s Electronic Merchant Systems, the credit card processing company used by hundreds of local restaurants.

Years ago, the duo founded Wholly Event and introduced their proprietary event ticketing system, Wholly Ticket, to support Charleston area events and venues. As the COVID-19 crisis crippled the restaurant industry, they felt the need to do something that could assist these local businesses to stay afloat until they were able to reopen for business. This is how Charleston Tip Jar came to be.

As a method of supporting any restaurant or bar in the area, Charleston Tip Jar allows customers to purchase a gift card to their favorite establishments to be used after the crisis subsides. 100% of the gift card amount will go directly to the restaurant. These funds will help business owners pay their bills while they’re dealing with an unprecedented loss of business. A customary small transaction fee is added to the purchase; this fee is retained by Wholly Event to sustain the platform and allow the service to continue to operate.